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Review: Yves Saint Laurent –Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking Mascara

Yves Saint Laurent –Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking Mascara

 This is a new mascara from YSL and its the first one I have ever used from this brand…here is my experience with it!

From the YSL website:

“Exaggerate your lashes with shocking volume from every angle!  New and exclusive to YSL, the amplified helix brush with a twisted cut, provides instant excess volume on the lashes, with effortless application. Shaped and styled for excess, this slim brush breaks the rules of volume, allowing for perfect control and precision, combined with a beautifully creamy formula to cover each lash evenly, for a thick and lustrous fringe.”

This costs £22 or ($30 USD) to buy and it comes in 6 colours (Deep Black, Ashy Black, Bronze Black, Sea Black, Cherry Black and Jade Black)

I am reviewing the Deep Black shade. I got a sample of this mascara from House of Fraser and it’s the first YSL mascara I have ever used. The sample is 2ml.

Firstly, my first impression of this mascara is that it is really nice! I love the brush, its a great size, not too big and not too small and it’s a bristle brush, I much prefer these to latex brushes for some reason. The brush shape means its easy to coat the lashes quickly and effectively without clumping or getting it on your lid or inner eye!

Yves Saint Laurent –Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking Mascara - Brush


Another thing I like is that the mascara doesn’t have the usual chemical scent that some mascaras do (some of the L’Oreal ones stink!) –this mascara has a surprising almost floral scent to it, maybe floral with a bit of a chemical hint, but its definitely an improvement on other mascaras!

The shade I have is true to its name, it’s a deep black that is nice and little glossy. I really like it, I like my mascara to be very dark so this is a winner for me.

The look I got with 2 coats of this is just what I wanted, it gave me the right amount of volume and length, pretty good volume I think, hence the “shocking” part of its name (I do think the name of the mascara is too long though!). This didn’t smudge or fade and it was easy to remove with my coconut oil (I use this to remove all of my eye make up, and it conditions my lashes at the same time!)

Mascaras that are similar to this one are Benefit Bad Gal but the brush on Bad Gal is bigger than this, and so the YSL is easier to control and use. Also the formula of Bad Gal is drier than this YSL one, and I prefer the YSL. I don’t know how long the formula will stay nice for, I have heard YSL mascaras dry out quickly but as this is first that I have tried, I cant say. I will update how I get on with the sample and if it dries out before I finish it!

The mascara was a winner for me – and it also curled my lashes! Very nice, not as much of a curl as the Benefit “They’re Real” mascara but still.

The only drawback to this mascara is the price I think – at £22 I am not sure I would buy it when the sample runs out, but if I am ever at the airport and can get it duty free or see a special offer for it I would go for it….the cost is the only reason I wouldn’t make this my regular mascara, but if you have the money to splurge then go ahead!!

Overall I would give it 8/10 (knocking points off for the price!)

I added a couple of pics of me wearing the mascara……

See the curl? Thats from the mascara not curlers?!
View from the side

I would love to know what you think of this mascara if you try it out!!

Visit the Yves Saint Laurent site here


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  • Hi Grace,you mentioned that you used coconut oil to remove your eye make-up, what brand do you use?


    October 2, 2011

  • Hey Rhi
    I use any coconut oil to remove all my eye make up as long as its 100% pure coconut oil. Ethnic supermarkets sell it for pretty cheap and one bottle of it lasts for ages – I will rave about it at length soon :-)


    October 2, 2011

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