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Happy Hair Shampoo and Conditioners – natural shampoos and conditioners and that don’t break the bank!

Happy Hair Days Moisturising Conditioner

Happy Hair Days a brand of shampoos and conditioners that do NOT contain Parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulphates and Mineral Oil. In addition, the brand does not test on animals and the range is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The range also contain essential oils and other natural extracts, so if natural appeals to you – you might really like these products!

Price wise, these are good value – each 300ml shampoo and conditioner costs £4.07. I have bought the products I am reviewing below from Boots, but its also sold in Sainsbury’s and possibly other retailers also. Sainsbury’s have an offer on at the moment for any 2 of Happy Hair Days products for £5.00 which is a bargain!! Offer ends 8th November.

I have mid-long length hair, that is wavy/curly and has greasy roots with dry hair – what you can definitely call “hard to manage” hair!

The Happy Hair Days range are the first shampoos and conditioners I have used in a really long time, that don’t contain nasty chemicals so I was excited to try these….find out what I think of them below:

Happy Hair Days Smoothing Shampoo (Blueberry & Pear)

Happy Hair Days Smoothing Shampoo
Happy Hair Days Smoothing Shampoo


I really like this, I thought that would be good considering that I need help with frizz and my dry ends. I wasn’t expecting the shampoo to lather up as well as it does, and you only need a little bit. Sometimes natural shampoos don’t rather well, and this is because usually sodium laureth sulphate creates the “foam” in a product. The Happy Hair Days range contains ammonium lauryl sulphate, which is safe and this creates the “foam”.  It smells light – of blueberries and ever so slightly of pears, its refreshing but not overpowering at all. It rinses out easily and doesn’t leave a residue.

My hair was “ smoother” after using this shampoo, and it did help with my frizzy hair. I think this is a good shampoo for my hair but I wanted some help with “shine” so tried another one of their shampoos….

Happy Hair Days Glossing Shampoo (Lemongrass & Basil)

Happy Hair Days Glossing Shampoo
Happy Hair Days Glossing Shampoo


Again, I really like this, it’s a shine boosting shampoo and it smells of lemongrass but this is again not overpowering, however the scent of this is strong than the other shampoo. I have used this on its own and did increase the shine in my hair, but I think for my hair type the smoothing shampoo is more suitable (and needed).

I have used this glossing shampoo after using the smoothing shampoo and I am getting good results.

Happy Hair Days Moisturising Conditioner (Pomegranate & Ginger)

Happy Hair Days Moisturising Conditioner
Happy Hair Days Moisturising Conditioner


This is the only conditioner in the range that I have tried, I bought this one over the other conditioners because I thought it was most suitable for my dry ends. I think this smells the strongest of the products I have tried so far, it smells quite strongly of ginger, which is not my favourite scent, and I don’t get a lot of the pomegranate scent coming through.

I really like this conditioner, its quite thick but spreads easily – you only need a small amount of this, so one bottle will last a while. I love to slather this on and wash my body whilst this does its work. Again it rinses out easily, just like the shampoos.

My hair feels soft and silky and the ends are not as dry. I like this, and I will continue using this.

Overall thoughts: I like this range and I will continue to use, however I also want to try the Naked range of shampoos and conditioners which also do not contain skin hating nasties. The Naked range is priced a little more than Happy Hair Days, but the bottles also seem to contain a little more, so it may balance out. I will try the Naked range and then see which one I like more – but I am keen to stop using products which contain parabens, mineral oil and sodium laureth sulphates etc. If I don’t like Naked then these will be my new hair staples! My scalp is certainly in better condition and

Give them a try and see what you think for yourself!

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  • Thanks Grace, I am going to head down to Sainsbury’s tomorrow and get some whilst they have the offer on. I am currently using a LUSH natural shampoo but I feel my hair can do with a boost so I am going to try Happy Hair Days – thanks for the tip! xx


    October 22, 2011

  • Hi, thanks for the info, I am vegan and just bought this product. Can I just ask how you know they are suitable for vegans etc, did you contact them? I cannot seem to find any web address for them as wanted to asl them myself. Your help would be most appreciated :)


    September 8, 2012

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