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My favourite website and why – Make Up Alley

The MUA Logo

Makeup Alley is one of my favourite websites of all time, it’s a US website but there are members from all around the wold on there. It is the number 1 website for any make up and beauty maniac (like myself)!! It is free to join and you can also access if from your mobile or download the app for it! Here are my reasons for loving MUA so much!

The MUA Logo

1)      You can read 100% independent reviews for products, and narrow them down according to your age, skin type, eye colour, hair colour etc (if you want to), you can also read them  in order of their usefulness. I think the review section is just great. The reviews are all written from members of the site, based on their experience of using a product and like blogs, these are the best types of reviews…not ones in magazines, where the products are supplied by to the same people as pay for advertising in the magazine!

As well as reading reviews, you can also add your own review of a product, adding to the information in the community! I don’t know what I would do without reading the reviews on MUA, and its very rare now that I will buy something without checking the reviews on MUA first!

2)      Another great feature of the site are the various forums or “boards” as they are called. These are great if you need advice about something, like how to treat your acne if certain things don’t work for you, or if you want to just chat to other MUA addicts!! I have learnt a lot about beauty and skin care from the boards, and some of the regulars on their have a wealth of information that they are willing to share – its awesome!

You can also ask the board for recommendations of “dupes” of pricey or more well known products, for example – can they recommend a “dupe” of NARS Orgasm blush for example - the wealth of knowledge on MUA is unbelievable! Some of these women are so knowledgeable!

We all love a bit of this stuff!!

3)      A simply genius and novel section of the site is the “Swap” section. Now this might put some people off….swapping for makeup, but its up to you what kind of products you want to swap for (and what you wont swap for) –and you have to bear in mind, most powder products can be sanitized. I personally don’t swap for used lip products and mascaras and eye liners for example.

Now, before you rule out swapping consider something…have you ever bought something and then it turns out that you don’t actually like it or use it? We all know in the UK, you cant return that item to the store…but what about swapping it? For example, if you have bought a MAC blush and decide the colour doesn’t actually suit you –why not swap it for something you do actually want? You can have a “wishlist” so stipulating what items you would ideally want to swap for, and then members can message each other and arrange swaps.

Swaps are generally negotiated by members according to what is a “fair” swap – for example the value of the items you are swapping is taken into consideration, as well as the condition, whether its brand new or not and or if the item/s are limited edition or not.

The swapping part of the site operates on a “token” policy – like Ebay feedback. The more positive tokens you have, the more reliable you are as a swapper.  Of course there are risks with swapping, and you might get “swap-lifted” but on the whole I am a big fan of swapping! If you are new and have no tokens you will be expected to send first, but as your tokens grow you can swap at the same time and soon enough you might be in a position to ask the other member to send first!

Another great thing about swapping is that you can get hold of old Limited Edition items or discontinued items. We all know MAC are famous for having their LE items run for a short time, and if you have a favourite or if you have missed out MUA might be a great way of getting your hands on what you want!!

4) Some members are open to “Custom Purchase” or CP items for you in return for other items (or off the record, money via Paypal). Lets say you want some Wet n Wild or NYX cosmetics for example, you could maybe arrange a custom purchase with someone who wants Sleek or GOSH items in return?! Custom purchases are fun and they open up avenues of getting items you may otherwise not be able to get, and you can avoid high prices of Ebay etc. Through MUA you have the opportunity to try items from all over the world, that would have been hard to access without the site!

5) I have made so many friends on Make up Alley, its unbelievable. There are so many ladies I have “met” via MUA that I count as my real friends, and I am in constant conctact with some of them. Its great! Belinda, Kimberly, Nikkei and many others – I am talking about you guys!!!

I have also got to try brands and products that I would have never heard of, had it not been for MUA – sometimes this is due to “extras” I get in my package (like a sample of something) or sometimes its from seeing a review for something great and then going out and buying it or swapping for it.

 To Conclude:

I urge each and every one of you to please check out MUA and join it – you wont regret it – even if all you do is read reviews on there….my only regret is not finding out about it sooner!! I don’t think I will ever leave MUA now and I think it’s a shame more girls don’t know about it – that’s why I am doing a post on it here, to spread the word!

Here is a link to my profile on there if you want have a nosey……….

Here is a link to the site itself!

Let me know what you think of the site – and if you are a member already let me know. What is your experience of Make up Alley?! How do you use the site, and finally is there anyone out there who loves it as much as me??!! Get in touch and let me know!


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  • I LOOOOOVE makeup alley too, I am on there everyday, even on my phone and I cannot recommend it enough.. you have said it all but I wanted to add my 2p worth!! Everyone must check out MUA!!!


    June 3, 2012

  • I tell people about swapping on MUA and they look at me like I am crazy…but you and me both know what a great site it is – I love it and I would never be without it now!


    June 7, 2012

  • We know how good MUA is! Trying to spread the love should not be this hard!!


    June 7, 2012

  • Hi Grace, Forever indebted to Makeup Alley for introducing me to you!!!!!


    June 26, 2012

  • Same here Kimberly! We would have never known each other had it not been for MUA! :-) xx


    June 27, 2012

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