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Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara

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I am a sucker for trying new mascaras, and I love volume in particular when it comes to mascaras….having said that, who doesnt love great length too? So when this mascara came out and I saw it in Superdrug I had to give it a go!

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Comes in regular and waterproof formulas

Fibre mascara

Bristle brush

Claims to add 4mm to the length of lashes

Good length but prone to clumping

Not much volume

I am giving it 2/5

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This is another “fibre” mascara which means that it not only adds a coat of colour to the lashes but also “adds” to them with fibres, giving you longer and possibly thicker lashes.

This mascara has good pigmentation, its a nice dark black which I like.

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The brush is quite big and has bristles which again I am a fan of, whereas I am not keen on the latex style brushes which are really common at the moment. The brush supposedly has a special fibre fix brush which seals the fibres to your lashes. The brush is okay, but I think its easy to get clumpy lashes. I had this problem when I was trying to add a second coat of mascara.

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This mascara does add good length but not the 4mm as advertised – and it doesnt provide much volume, so if you are looking for volume skip this mascara.

It is quite good at lifting lashes to make it appear as if you have curled your lashes, I liked that about this mascara. In the pic above I have not used an eye lash curler (for the record).

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The main problem for me is the the fact this flakes like crazy! I havent ever experience flaking like this before, and it really lets this mascara down.

Another problem with it is that it is hard to remove – an oil based remover is needed to get rid of this stuff….that is of course if it hasnt flaked all over your face before you want to remove it!

Conclusion – This is not the worst mascara I have ever used, but there are MUCH better ones out there and I wouldnt recommend this one at all. My advice is skip this and try something else….sorry Maybelline – as much as I love Falsies, this is a let down!


What do you think of this mascara? Are you going to this mascara or skip it in favour of something else?

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  • I didnt like this much either, its not a great mascara at all and it flaked on me – yuck!!


    June 3, 2012

  • Yes, this is a pretty big miss! Oh well, onwards and upwards!! xx


    June 3, 2012

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