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Something Every Girl Should Have – MUA Undressed Palette

all that slap urban decay Naked Palette

Hello -what do we have here my lovelies?!  The Undressed Palette from MUA? Whoa - pump the brakes!!! Does it remind you of anything? Like maybe the cult classic Urban Decay Naked Palette? Quite possibly?! :-)

all that slap urban decay Naked Palette
The Packaging (Double click to enlarge)

The Undressed Palette is full of gorgeous neutral and smoky matte and shimmer shades..

all that slap urban decay Naked Palette
Gorgeous! (Double click to enlarge)

This latest offering from MUA probably is the number one budget palette which every single woman on the planet should own!  No joke, at just £4 for 12 shades there is no reason no reason not to buy this – it contains all the staple shades you would ever need.

all that slap urban decay Naked Palette
Courtesy of MUA’s Blog (Double click to enlarge)


all that slap urban decay Naked Palette
Swatches – Courtesy of MUA’s Blog (Double click to enlarge)

I love that this contains both matte and shimmer shadows. It has highlight shades, lid and crease shades as well as shades that could be used as liners – As with most MUA palettes the shadows are very pigmented, the shimmer shadows in particular and wear really well with primer ( the MUA primer is fantastic by the way, see my review for that here).

all that slap urban decay Naked Palette
Courtesy of MUA’s Blog – (double click to enlarge)


all that slap urban decay Naked Palette
More Swatches – Courtesy of MUA’s Blog (Double click to enlarge)

The shadows blend well and you can create a multitude of looks with this little beauty!!

As you can see I  have added the swatches from the MUA blog since they were really good and my camera couldn’t get them to show correctly, I didn’t want any injustice done to this amazing palette! Credit to MUA’s blog for some of the pics!

What is there not to love?! (Okay, so the packaging is not fantastic but we can live with that, cant we ladies?!) MUA is an example of a great, budget make-up brand that REALLY delivers and it just shows you don’t have to spend oodles of money to get good quality!

all that slap urban decay Naked Palette
Gorgeous! (Double click to enlarge)

I think even if you have the Urban Decay Naked Palette already, why not get this one too?! Its £4 – what are you waiting for??!!

all that slap urban decay Naked Palette
(Double click to enlarge)

For the time being the palette is only being sold on the MUA website – you can buy it here and they do international shipping!

all that slap urban decay Naked Palette
The back of the Palette (Double click to enlarge)

Without a doubt this deserves 5/5

What are you waiting for? Go and order it right now from MUA, or try your luck at selected Superdrug stores once its released in their stores – but that will not be until July, or so I have been told!!

Here are the ingredients:

all that slap urban decay Naked Palette
The Ingredients (Double click to enlarge)

Do you have this palette or are you lemming it?! Let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you and thanks for reading!

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  • This looks like a really lovely palette. I refuse to buy MUA after they were so so rude to me a while back but I have to say, this is tempting! xx


    June 15, 2012

  • It is a lovely palette, but forget that – tell me about MUA being rude to you – that is awful! Dont worry, there will be other palettes from other brands which are like this!! :-) It is a shame when companies dont make you feel valued – they dont realise its to thier own detriment. Thank you for your comment! xx


    June 15, 2012

  • I love this palette, I’m planning to post a review of it for tomorrow.


    June 24, 2012

  • Awesome! I think everyone should have this palette! :-) I will look at your blog, thanks for your comment Angelica! xx


    June 25, 2012

  • I bought the pallette and its nice for the price which then gave me confidence to buy the face primer and the eye primer. They are rubbish. They dont work one bit other than perhaps to give a chalky look and allows make up to settle in pores and lines and my eye make up came off quicker while wearing the eye primer. Sick of wasting my money on stuff that doesnt work and for every 1 that does work there are a 100 that don’t. Don’t believe the hype.


    June 26, 2012

  • Hi Michelle

    I am glad you think the palette is good, especially for its low price but I am really sorry to hear you didnt know the eye primer. Just shows that may work for some people doesnt work for everyone?!

    I have never tried the face primer that MUA make, but now I am not sure I want to!

    Thanks for your feedback and comment :-) xx


    June 27, 2012

  • This palette looks gorgeous. Apparently it’s like the naked palette and the colours are in the exact same order too!

    PS You’re blog is awesome, definitely going to follow ;)



    July 2, 2012

  • Madiha
    Thanks for your comment, it is a great palette, and its similar to the Naked palette but I wouldnt say its an exact dupe. However for only £4 you cant go wrong with this palette :-)

    Thanks for your comment about liking my blog

    Grace xx


    July 3, 2012

  • [...] recently reviewed this little beauty here and I think it’s an absolute must have, for only £4. It might not be the best quality out there, [...]

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