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EcoTOOLS Finishing Kabuki Brush and Cosmetic Applicators

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These two little wonders are great and should be in everyone’s make up bag!

EcoTOOLS  is a brilliant, environmentally friendly and cruelty free company making a range of makeup brushes and also skin care and bathing goodies!

I first tried EcoTOOLS brushes about two years ago and now I had the opportunity to try out more items from them.

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Today I am reviewing the Bamboo Finishing Kabuki Brush and the Bamboo Cosmetic Applicators!

First up is the Kabuki – this retails for £9.99 in Boots and other stores. This brush is just part of a range of brushes and other items from the company.

The packaging (Double click to enlarge)

EcoTOOLS say you can use this brush for powder, blush and bronzer – making it a great multi-tasking brush!

The back of the Kabuki (Double click to enlarge)

The bristles are duo fibre (and make of taklon), meaning the products carries on the tips of the brushes (the lighter bristles) and the darker bristles act as a support for the lighter ones, in the same way as stippling brushes work. I haven’t come across a “kabuki” brush like this before! This brush reminds me a lot of the MAC 187 and other “stippling brushes”, and not so much like a traditional “kabuki” brush.

Duo Fibre bristles (Double click to enlarge)

In the pics below you can see the EcoTOOLS brush compared to the MAC 187se, as you can see the EcoTOOLS is bigger.

MAC 187 on left – EcoTOOLS on right (Double click to enlarge)
MAC on the left and EcoTOOLS on the right (Double click to enlarge)

The handle is ergonomically designed so that it is comfortable in your hand, and longer than most kabuki brushes I have tried.

The brush is dense enough to do a good job of buffing and blending bronzer and blush, is pretty soft and not at all scratchy, but its not the softest kabuki I have tried – that has to be the ELF Studio Face Kabuki which is amazingly soft!

On its side (Double click to enlarge)

I personally like this brush as a stippling brush though, like the way I use my MAC 187. It is perfect for applying liquid foundation and as its bigger and softer than the MAC 187, I get my foundation on quicker with this EcoTOOLS brush! It gives a lovely flawless finish in no time and as well as applying my foundation I can work the brush in to buff it in too! Perfecto!!

I also really like this brush for cream and liquid blushes, it works like a dream!

The bristles are synthetic (taklon) and therefore cruelty free, which I think is excellent.

It washes fairly easily, it only shed a couple of hairs and holds its original shape once dry. As its synthetic it dries quicker than natural hair brushes, but given that its dense it still takes a while to dry (as expected!)

I am not keen on the packaging, it is not all that easy to get the brush out without messing up the bristles,  but I can live with it I guess!

Stands up and nostalgic! (Double click to enlarge)

I really like that this can stand on its own and its cute – it reminds me of a mans shaving brush! Quite nostalgic!

Overall, I really like this but I would say it is more of a stippling brush than a kabuki brush. Its price is much cheaper than the MAC 187 (the MAC is £32.50) and it does a better job, plus it’s environmentally friendly so for those reasons it’s a winner from me!

4/5 from me for this one!


Now on to the little EcoTOOLS Cosmetic Applicators

The packaging (Double click to enlarge)

You get 20 of these in a packet for £3.99 and again you can buy these at Boots or other retailers.

I like these, the packet has 3 different sizes of applicators and they are really soft, with bamboo handles. These are great for taking away on holiday with you or if you are not keen on washing your brushes a lot (naughty, I know!). You can use these for eye shadow and concealer.

They come in 3 different sizes (Double click to enlarge)

They apply shadows really well, transferring a lot of pigment. Their downfall is that it is not that easy to blend shadows with these but I think that is a common thing with these little applicators. In comparison to the Models Own ones, these EcoTOOLs ones are softer.

(Double click to enlarge)

I think these are great to have around, and they are also good for throwing in your bag on a night out for touch ups. You wouldn’t freak out if you lost one and they take up next to no room in your bag! Genius!

The applicators are on a plastic sleeve (Double click to enlarge)

Pricewise I think these are reasonable and I would recommend!

Again, I am giving these 4.5

EcoTOOLS are a brand that I want to try more items from, nothing has been a let down from them yet. Have you tried anything from EcoTOOLS – what did you think of them? Let me know!

P.S – this post contains a P.R sample but that doesn’t effect my review, I am as honest as ever

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  • Hi Grace

    My 187 has seen better days and I was going to get a new one next pay day in July but now I think I will try the Ecotools one as it seems to be good and its so much cheaper, thanks for letting me know about it!


    June 15, 2012

  • I am going to get some of the disposable applicators, they seem great for throwing your handbag when you are on the move.


    June 21, 2012

  • Yes, that is definately true! Get some!!


    June 22, 2012

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