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Arm Candy: Meet Ingrid from Russell & Bromley

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As much as I love beauty products, I also love handbags – I always have. One of my earliest memories from the age of three was me having a handbag that I took everywhere and in it, I kept my mirror and a little lip balm – is it any wonder that all these years later I still love bags?! :-)

I have decided to do a post every now and again on a handbag I have just bought….and we can see how muchslap” we can get in the bag! I will be reviewing the bags for you guys, just like I do the beauty stuff.

First up in the “Arm Candy” posts is this little number from Russell & Bromley….Guys – I want you to meet Ingrid:

all that slap allthatslap blog
Classically gorgeous, don’t you think?! (Double click to enlarge)

I saw this in the window of the store and I just stopped in my tracks. It was stunning and it caught my attention right away. Its gorgeous, yet classy and timeless, don’t you think?! I was like “pump the breaks” – I need this!

all that slap allthatslap blog
A view from the top (Double click to enlarge)

This cost me £225, which is without a doubt a lot of money to spend on a bag, especially when I already have a lot of bags…but I thought it was a buy I could justify given the size, classic design and quality of the leather.

all that slap allthatslap blog
Another view of the top with the handles down (Double click to enlarge)

I hope to still use this in many years to come, making the “cost per wear” somewhat reasonable (or so she tells herself)! Haha….

all that slap allthatslap blog
The inside of the bag (Double click to enlarge)


This comes in a range of colours – blue, red (they were in the sale) and black (not in the sale yet – boo)

Size – Approx 35cm x 25 cm x 15 cm


Its made from high quality leather and its fully lined

It has little feet on the bottom to protect the base

It is very roomy but not “too big” – you can get a LOT of “slap” in this bag!

The bag itself is very lightweight – unlike some leather bags

It is divided into 2 big compartments inside, with a big zipped middle pocket, a side zipped pocket and two large pockets on the other side.

The straps are just about long to wear the bag on your shoulder, or on your arm which I think is rather chic!

You can turn this from a boxy type bag into a shopper type bag by undoing the side poppers – I love versitility!

You can get a pair of flats, a brolly and all your other essentials in here, with room to spare!

All in all, you can fit a lot of “slap” in this and its a gorgeous classic! Worth the money if you ask me (not my bank manager!)

all that slap allthatslap blog
Another view of the top with the handles down (Double click to enlarge)


Like I said before, this bag was too gorgeous to pass up, I can use this for work or on weekends. You can dress it up or down and it fastens securely when travelling on the underground etc.I love the tassel on the zip too!

The size is perfect, its not too big or too small. I dont like bags that are too big as I am petite and I think you have to be careful when you are petite and you carry a huge bag around with you – it can make you look smaller. On the other hand I carry around a lot of stuff, and not to mention – MAKE UP, so having something roomy is a must.

The bottom of the bag, with its little feet (Double click to enlarge)

The quality of this leather, as you would expect from Russell & Bromley is amazing, the photos do not do this justice. Importantly its the kind of leather which will not get damaged in the rain…and no I wont moan about the terrible weather we are having…

all that slap allthatslap blog
The lovely detailing on the handles (Double click to enlarge)

Another reason I justified this purchase is that I thought the style is classic and its something I hope to use for years. I love the detail on the handles, which makes the bag a little different and less conventional.

all that slap allthatslap blog
The side poppers which turn the bag into a shopper (Double click to enlarge)
all that slap allthatslap blog
Shopper style – poppers open (Double click to enlarge)

So in conclusion, yes I blew a lot of money on this bag, but I do think its worth it in the long run. The guilt of buying it has worn off, I love my new arm candy!

all that slap allthatslap blog
The Label, and a reminder of the price! (Double click to enlarge)

One downside to this bag is that is has no outside pocket for a phone, keys or travel pass, if it had a little zipped pocket on the back of the bag, it would have been even better!

Russell & Bromley are not currently online, but they will be in September. For the time being you can check the locations of their stores here.

Please let me know what you think of the bag! Have you recently bought a bag that you are in love with?! Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading, Grace xx



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  • Gorgeous bag! I agree, I always need a little compartment I can get to easily for my phone etc. But its still lovely! xx


    July 22, 2012

  • Thanks Carrie, an outside pocket would have made this perfect…but such is life I guess!

    Thank you for your comment :-)


    July 22, 2012

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