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BuyMyHandbag Event by Buy My

Some of the goodies available (Double click to enlarge)

Last week  on July 18th, I attended an event organised by a great company called “Buy My Wardrobe”. They source the very best in preloved designer clothes and accessories. They have had other events before, but this was the first event where the focus was on handbags, dubbed “BuyMyHandbag”!

Gorgeous, lovely bags (Double click to enlarge)

As soon as I found about the event I knew I had to go! I love handbags, designer handbags in particular and so this sounded perfect to me!

A little bit of yummy Hermes (Double click to enlarge)


VIP “Early Bird” Tickets cost £20

Ordinary tickets cost £5

6pm -9pm at Archer Street, Soho, London

Wide selection of preloved designer bags and some shoes and clothes for sale

FREE Goody bag, false lash application and cocktail with VIP tickets

Some of the goodies available (Double click to enlarge)


Once I heard about this event, I was super excited and I quickly got bought my VIP ticket. With a VIP ticket you were promised early entry into the event so you had an extra hour to have a look around and take your pick of the goodies on offer. I bought my ticket online and it was emailed to me.

Double click to enlarge

I arrived at 6pm, super excited and we were told the venue was not quite ready so we waited in the ground floor of the bar (Archer Street). A lot of ladies had arrived for the “VIP” tickets, more than I had expected!

Double click to enlarge

We made our way downstairs to where the event was taking place and we had line up whilst our handbags and coats were checked in. You had no choice in this, its their policy to check in all bags (security I guess). The wait was fairly long and coupled with the fact that we had waited upstairs and the event was running late, a lot of ladies were already unimpressed. Whilst I wasn’t best pleased to have waited, it didn’t bother me all that much and I was just excited to see the bags.

A selection of lovely bags and shoes (Double click to enlarge)

Once you had checked your bag in you were able to get your drink (I had a virgin cocktail instead as I don’t drink) and then I looked around. There was a fairly decent selection of bags, but I was execting more to be honest.

My lovely virgin cocktail! (Double click to enlarge)

The brands ranged from DKNY to Hermes so it was at every spectrum of the “designer” market.

One thing to note is that the condition of the bags was very good, better than I had expected.

A whole row of goodies! (Double click to enlarge)

I milled around and whilst I wanted one of the Hermes, it was WAY out of my price limit and then my little eye spyed a lovely Burberry bag. It was in great condition, and it’s a really good medium size, so at £80 I thought it was worth it.

A cool pair of sky scraper wedges! Awesome or what?! (Double click to enlarge)

I paid for it, finished my drink and then headed home, with my goody bag in tow. The goody bag contained a mini Weleda cream, a voucher for 15% off lash treatments, a travel pass holder, a makeup set (quite cute!), perfume sample and a cotton shopper bag.

The contents of the goody bag and my handbag! (Double click to enlarge)

Unfortunately the security tags on the bag I bought were left on and I didn’t realise this until went to Tesco on my way home set off the alarm! I emailed Buy My Wardrobe the next day and they were very good about it, they apologized and sent a member of staff to my work place the next day to de-tag the bag for me.

The Burberry Handbag I bought – can you see the tag on the left?! haha (double click to enlarge)

All in all the event was good, but I don’t think I would buy a “VIP” ticket next time, I would just take my chances and buy a normal ticket. I do wish they had more bags available to buy, and after speaking to other ladies there they thought the same. Some ladies thought the bags were too expensive and didn’t buy for that reason. I am not sure about this – there was a big difference in the prices of the bags and yes, some of them were over priced, but I still think there were some good finds. If you want “bargains” this might not be the event for you – try Ebay, but if you want a good quality handbag that is almost certain to be genuine then maybe check out the next event they have?

Double click to enlarge

As of this week they are also selling their items online and they have a store in Mayfair, London if you want to pop down.

If you have bags or other designer items that you want to sell, By My Wardrobe take 15% commission on the price of each item. You set the price that you want for your item (this might explain why some of the prices were thought to be too high?!), but they can assist with valuations. Contact them for more details.

All in all I had a fun night, despite some hiccups at the beginning and my tag issue, but it didn’t put me off and I will probably go to the next event – which I hope will be soon!

Check out the website site here.

Do you think you would attend an event like this?! Have you been to something like this before? Get in touch and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading, Grace xx

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