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BioElixia BodyShaper Cellulite Treatment

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I have cellulite. There: I have said it. Its not attractive, makes me super conscious when I even with 5 metres of a swimming costume and its hard to shift. If you have it, you will know what I mean!

When I was approached to try out the BioExilia BodyShaper creme I jumped at the chance. I have tried other treatments before and had less than pleasing results but this one seemed different since its backed up by some real science.

BioElixia is made by an Australian company after 10 years of research. They claim that:

BodyShaper® is a new skincare formula with a concentrated blend of antioxidants, moisturisers and key ingredients to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the overall appearance of ‘orange peel’ skin by an average over 38% in 28 days, and an average of 57% in 56 days.

BodyShaper® includes our patented TPM™ Delivery Technology that is scientifically proven to improve the absorption of key ingredients into skin. Legs appear smoother and visibly redefined after 4 weeks of use.

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150ml for £49.99 – on offer now in Boots for £39.99

To be used twice a day on affected areas – apply like a body lotion

Best used after a shower when skin is warm

Reduces the visible amount of cellulite over time!

Smooths the skin to make it appear more toned!

Scent is not overly appealing but not a deal breaker

Pricey, but I did notice results!

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I have used this for about 6 weeks now, applying it twice a day. The majority of my cellulite is on the back of my legs and bottom. I was going to take before and after pics of the back of my legs but I couldn’t bring myself to post them on here so you are just going to have to trust me!!

This cream is like a body lotion in its texture. It feels rich (less so than a body butter, but more than a normal lotion). You don’t need all that much of it and it sinks in fairly quickly and its not sticky. I use it after my shower in the morning and before bed at night.

It has a scent which is not unpleasant but I am also not a fan of it to be honest. It doesn’t bother me too much as it dissipates quickly. I always wash my hands once I have applied this so its not big deal about the scent, just letting you guys know I am not keen!

The results, for me have been good. I haven’t changed my diet or exercise in these 6 weeks so that I could be sure what effect the cream was having.

I noticed results after the first 2 weeks or so, so you need to be patient with this – its not a quick fix. After 2 weeks my skin felt a lot smoother and also firmer and I am sure its from the cream. Fast forward another 2 weeks, making it 4 weeks of treatment and my cellulite has improved a fair bit – its about 30% less visible and my skin is firmer and smoother by a large margin. Now I am at the 6 week stage and I have to say there is at least a 40% improvement in my cellulite.

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The Cream Itself – Double click to enlarge

I am happy with the results of this cream. I have finished the tube I was given, but I would fork out the £49.99 for another tube of this – its worth it for and I am going on holiday soon so I want to maintain the results for my hols. I probably won’t use this year round but I will get it out again at the end of spring, to get myself in better shape for summer.

Here are the ingredients:


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The Ingredients – Double click to enlarge

This contains no parabens, sulphates, phthalates, SLS, DEAs or paraffins – all good in my book.

Overall - If you can afford this and have problems with cellulite and wobbly legs I highly recommend it and think its worth using as long as you are patient – its not a quick fix! I noticed more of toning effect overall – but a definite improvement in my cellulite too. I still have cellulite but its not as bad as before! YAY!

It is available at Boots – see here.

What do you think? Would you shell out for this?! Have you tried other products – have they worked for you?

Get in touch and let me know your thoughts…..

Thanks for reading, Grace xx

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P.S this post contained a PR sample, but as always my reviews are honest and my opinions are my own! Promise!

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  • This sounds good, might invest!


    July 27, 2012

  • If you end up trying it, let me know what you think if it! xx


    July 27, 2012

  • I am always wary of buying things like this as most often or not they turn out to be a waste of money! But this does sound like an invest! x


    July 27, 2012

  • Hi Callie, if you try it please let me know how you get on with it! Thanks xx


    July 27, 2012

  • Wow, I also wanna try it :)

    Anyway, I’m already your follower, could you also follow me back? My GFC widget got broken and I lost almost all of my followers.. :( maybe you can help me..

    Thanks! :)

    Alta Infante

    July 30, 2012

  • Hi there, thanks for your comment, I am following you back on Twitter! :-)


    July 30, 2012

  • Great post! Sometimes I think you really do have to spend more to get better results. I have cellulite on the sides/backs of my thighs, do when I can afford it I’ll splash out on this I think! x

    Beauty Bird

    August 23, 2012

  • BioExilia BodyShaper cream is used for cellulite. This helps to reduced the appearance of cellulite. This cream is made up of concentrated blend of antioxidants, moisturizers and key ingredients, which helps to reduced the appearance of cellulite and improves the skin appearance. This information shared in this blog is very useful for those who have cellulite.

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    January 4, 2013

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