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Nip & Fab Coconut Latte Body Butter….good enough to eat?!

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This is a deliciously luscious body butter from Nip + Fab, it is one from a range of body butters that they have, and I think these are worth checking out if you like to use rich and very moisturising body butters!

The one I have is called Coconut Latte. To be there is a hint of coconut scent but I pick up strong chocolate scents too, its so nice, it makes you want to eat it – although needless to say, please don’t eat it!

allthatslap; all that slap blog
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This is what Nip + Fab had to say about it:

Treat your skin + your senses to the ultimate luxury with COCONUT LATTE from the new Nip+Fab body butter range! This rich, creamy consistency will soften + hydrate dry, dehydrated skin with 24 hour moisture-boosting hydra concept Aquaxyl ™ while nourishing with shea butter for a little bit of indulgence minus the calories!

Aquaxyl™ boasts scientifically substantiated benefits to improve the water reserves in the skin, limit water loss and visually improve the surface of the skin.
Coconut Latte Body Butter contains;

- Aquaxyl ™24h moisture + shine
- Shea butter soothe + moisturise
- Mineral Oil condition + soften


  • One of a range of different body butters
  • Sold online, in Boots, Harvey Nichols and some Sainsbury’s – this is not yet for sale in the USA.
  • Price range is in the region of £8.49 – £9.95 – this is on offer now in Boots for £5.66!
  • 200ml
  • Very rich and moisturising, absorbs quickly and smells amazing!
  • Contains Shea Butter but also Mineral Oil
  • I am giving it 4/5

    allthatslap; all that slap blog
    The delicious body butter! (double click to enlarge)

Review :

In general I don’t use body butters, this is because I don’t feel that my skin needs it and I am lazy quite frankly. I would rather spend those 5 minutes it takes to apply this on my makeup!! I have in the past of course used body butters, and I have liked them but one down fall of them for me was waiting for them to absorb.

I can say this Nip + Fab one is one of the richest body butters I have tried, its richer than all of the Body Shop ones I have used and the ones from the Sanctuary – however the key difference with this one is that the Nip + Fab seems to absorb into the skin much quicker, meaning I can get dressed and crack on with my makeup in no time!

It contains Aquaxyl ™, which is maybe why I find this body butter does such a good job at moisturising and is very rich? But whatever it is, I know I like this body butter!

allthatslap; all that slap blog
The back of the tub (double click to enlarge)

Another reason I like this is that it smells heavenly but the scent is not too strong and over powering, it just smells of coconut and chocolate and it makes you want to lick it!! Its so yummy!! I actually crave chocolate when I am using it!

One pot is pretty good value and should last for a long time and its pretty good value. At RRP these are cheaper than the Body Shop butters, but now is a great time to try one since Boots have an offer on where this is only £5.66!! I have already stocked up, and I think you should too!

One down side of this is that it does contain mineral oil, which I know some people try and avoid, but if you far well with mineral oil then you may really like this so give it a try, especially since the price is so tempting in Boots right now!

Here are the ingredients:

allthatslap; all that slap blog
The Ingredients (double click to enlarge)

Have you tried any body butters from Nip + Fab? What is your favourite body butter out there? Get in touch and let me know!

Thanks for reading, Grace xx

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P.S – this post contains a P.R sample but that doesn’t effect my review, I am as honest as ever!

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