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Herbalife – My experience with a great brand – you should check them out!

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A while back I was introduced to Herbalife and tried some of their great Aloe products, which I have reviewed here.

I was intrigued to try more products from the brand, so I decided to have a browse on the website and I got some goodies which I thought I would show you guys here!

Herbalife is exclusively sold through individual sales people, so when you go on their site you request a call back from a sales rep. The sales rep gives you a log in and password to then go on and browse the site with the full information and prices showed. You then put in your order and pay through Google Wallet.

My Experience

My sales rep was a lovely lady called Magda. Within hours of me asking for a rep to call me, Magda called me and was very polite and lovely to me. We had a chat about what I might want to buy and and she said that I could contact her with any questions about the products or anything like that. She then sent me the password the next day I and then I was able to get on and browse the site fully.

I ordered my items and they were posted out to me very quickly – I think she posted them the day after I ordered!  Magda also emailed me to give me some advice about how to use the products I ordered. She then emailed me to check if I had received my package or not. I hadn’t got it  yet – simply becuase I wasn’t home when it was delivered and I had to go to my local Royal Mail delivery office and pick up, but I really appreciated the good service that I got from Magda. I couldnt have asked for more!

The items I ordered were well packaged and Magda had written me a note and even added a little extra for me in the bundle too!

all that slap blog
The box (Double click to enlarge)
all that slap blog
The box with a lovely note from Magda (Double click to enlarge)

Here is what I ordered:

The Radiant C Skin Booster – £24.70

 The Face Quencher  £7.15

Clarifying Mask – £22.90

Formula 1 Meal Replacement Bars £15.65

all that slap blog
All of my goodies! (Double click to enlarge)

So what are the products I bought and what do I think of them?!!………….

First up the Radiant Skin Booster

all that slap blog
Skin Booster (Double click to enlarge)

I had seen a review of this on a blog and it was given a great review. Its a cream that you can use a moisturiser or under your moisturiser like a serum and its lovely!! Here is what Herbalife have to say:

“Radiant C™ Daily Skin Booster is a gel-cream formula that helps to brighten dull, tired-looking skin. Use it every day under make-up, to help minimise the potential effects of external influences.

Radiant C™ Daily Skin Booster delivers the antioxidant power of vitamin C directly to the skin for a healthier and more radiant appearance.”

all that slap blog
The Booster (Double click to enlarge)

I have to say, I really like this! Its something I will buy again and again – its lovely! It has the most amazingly smooth and silky texture, it glides on and wears very well under makeup. I have been using it as a moisturiser as its enough for me, and I has helped to brighten my complexion. I think its very very good and just has to be tried. My skin has certainly improved since using this product – its a winner for sure! The great thing is, you don’t need a lot of this – a little goes a long way!  I love it!

Here are the ingredients:

all that slap blog
Skin Booster Ingredients (Double click to enlarge)

Next is the Clarifying Mask

This is what Herbalife have to say about it:

“This clarifying mask, made with orange and eucalyptus oil and witch hazel, will leave oily skin clean, clear and glowing, with and improved texture and tone.”

all that slap blog
Clarifying Mask (Double click to enlarge)

I love face masks, as you will know if you are a regular on the blog! I cant get enough of them and I tend to go for clay masks as I have acne and need help to clear my blemishes. This mask seemed to be just right, and its rather good. It smells really really nice and it has a great consistency. Its thick but not hard to spread and a little goes a long way. I do think this is a good mask, it helped to draw impurities from my skin and made my skin feel soft and pampered but the price is steep in my opinion. You can find similar masks for a lower price and that is why I would not buy this again. A clay mask I am loving is the Una Brennan mask I reviewed last week- you can see that review here.


all that slap blog
Clarifying Mask (Double click to enlarge)

Here are the ingredients:

This has a tonne of parabens in it and I am put off by that, but it might not bother you?!

all that slap blog
Clarifying Mask Ingredients (Double click to enlarge)

Now on to the Face Quencher

all that slap blog
The Face Quencher (Double click to enlarge)

This looked really interesting and I am fan of using rose water as toner and as face mist when on holiday, but the price of this is quite good and I thought I would give it a go!

Here is what Herbalife have to say about it:

“Spritz on Radiant C™ Face Quencher to instantly cool and refresh water-starved skin. It’s a refreshing, fragrant, burst of moisture that acts like a natural ‘air conditioner’.

It’s water-based so it won’t harm hairstyles of clothing, and it actually helps make-up stay looking fresher-looking.”

all that slap blog
Face Quencher (Double click to enlarge)

I like this spray a lot. Its light and non sticky and its great as a toner or as a little pick me up, its nice on a hot day as a refreshing spray. Yes its a non essential but its nice addition to my kit and I intend on taking it to Ibiza with me in a few weeks! I think its going to be lovely having it spray when I get all hot and bothered! I also think it might be nice to use on a plane, especially on a long haul flight. I do think its worth the price – its a good buy!

Here are the ingredients:

Once again, lots of parabens here….;-(

all that slap blog
Face Quencher Ingredients (Double click to enlarge)

Finally, the Formula 1 Meal Replacement Bars

all that slap blog
Formula 1 Bars (Double click to enlarge)

I got these in the chocolate flavour, you can also get them in Super Berry.

Here is what Herbalife have to say about them:

Designed for ultimate portability, the new HerbalifeFormula 1 Healthy Meal Bar has been scientifically formulated to have all the benefits of the Formula 1 shake, and is packaged for people on the move.

Enjoy the following benefits:

Only 207 calories!

Can be used for meal-replacement, as part of a calorie controlled diet.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Low GI - Provides you with sustained energy.

all that slap blog
Formula 1 Bars (Double click to enlarge)

You get 7 of these in a box, and they are so yummy! I do like them and they were reasonably filling but sometimes feel I have to have two of these in order to feel full and think I had replaced a meal! That might just be me though,  I am a bit of greedy guts! I am not advocating that people skip meals but I am trying to lose a bit of weight and to me they seem perfect. I have been having one (trying to stick to one!) in the morning instead of breakfast. I might try the berry flavour next time I order, just to compare them but the chocolate ones are great, but I do think they are little expensive to be honest! If you are interested in trying something like this then I do recommend them.

Overall thoughts: 

I really like most of the things I have bought from Herbalife and also really like the Aloe range I previously reviewed. The service I got from Magda was very efficient, friendly and great. The items were posted out quickly and I would recommend them.

For me the downsides are that when you look at the site before getting your password, you cant see the prices. I think this is off putting as price is a deciding factor and many people are more conscious of their spending than they were a couple of years ago. I wish the prices were just on there for all to see at the start.

I also wish that the ingredients of the products were on the site too. I really dislike it when ingredients are not available and that is why I always try and include them in my reviews. I know Herbalife is not the only site to not include ingredients – Boots and Superdrug also guilty of this, but it bugs me.

In conclusion though,  I will be ordering more of the meal bars and the Skin Booster for sure and now I am in contact with Magda, she will be hearing from me :-) I will also try other products from Herbalife and I will review them as a I go along!

Herbal Aloe products are sold exclusively through Independent Herbalife Distributors throughout the UK. For details of your local supplier please call 0845 056 0606 or visit

Have you tried anything from Herbalife? Do any of the items I bought appeal to you? What you do think of the meal replacement bars – have you tried anything like this? Get in touch and let me know, leave a comment or tweet me!

Thanks for reading!

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  • Ooh that’s odd, I’ve literally ordered a few bits from them this week too. I really like their protein bars as snacks, which I have been buying on and off for a while along with some of their supplements, but funnily enough I ordered some skincare products a few of days ago. I went for the clarifying mask, which I agree is not cheap, along with their Skin Activator day cream, and was also thinking of getting the Skin Booster but decided to wait. I’m most looking forward to trying the mask (surprise, surprise!), so I’m sure I will probably tweet you my thoughts on that at the weekend!
    Speaking of masks, I’ve also just ordered the Laura Mercier clay one, don’t suppose you’ve tried it?
    Hope you’ve had a good day :) xx


    August 15, 2012

  • Hi Mel

    Thanks for your comment. Its great that you too have ordered some skincare goodies from Herbalife, I will be really interested to see what you think of them. I am especially interested in hearing your views on the mask. If you order again I highly recommend the Skin Booster, its lovely – you must try that!

    I have not tried any masks from Laura Mercier to be honest, but I would love to know what you think of that – we seem to be massive fans of face masks, hey?! :-)

    Please let me know when your reviews so I can take a look!

    All the best
    Grace xx


    August 15, 2012

  • By the way, have you noticed how similar the packaging for the Skin Activator products is to Liz Earle’s!?xx


    August 15, 2012

  • Hi Mel – no I hadn’t noticed that to be honest! But you are right….its is very similar :-) A bit of clever copying maybe!? xx


    August 15, 2012

  • I have been using the Herbalife protein bars for a while as well as the shakes, I really like them. I never thought about trying the beauty products but I might do now you have shown some of them here and the skin booster looks really interesting. The prices are a little high though – wish they did samples – LOL!
    Thanks Grace x


    August 21, 2012

  • [...] have used much cheaper clay masks and had much better results – the Herbalife one reviewed here and my current favourite from Uni Brennan, reviewed here are much more effective and not to mention [...]

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