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Eye Liner Pencils from INIKA – a natural brand that performs!

all that slap

INIKA are one of the only ALL natural and almost all organic make up companies out there – and they are awsesome. Some companies claim to be natural and some claim to make mineral makeup, but a look at the ingredients list and you know that they are not as natural as they seem.

This is where INIKA is different………

INIKA is also the only cosmetics brand that is certified as being Halal, which to me is amazing since I am Muslim! They have won awards and they are in the process of adding more products to their line and hopefully growing even more! I cannot wait to try more products from them!

There is an interesting story about how INIKA, which started in Australia, which you can read on the website here. I have met the founder, Miranda at an event in John Lewis and she is lovely!

I use a tonne of cosmetics and skincare products, but I also care about what I use and possible damage some chemicals are doing – and for that reason I think its a good idea to use natural products where possible – but I want good quality too! INIKA is a brand that I think ticks all the boxes in that regard!

Today I am reviewing a few of the pencil eye liners they make – here they are…..

all that slap
The Pencils (Double click to enlarge)


Eye Liners are Certified Organic – no nasty ingredients here!

£11.75 each

Available at John Lewis in Oxford Street London, and online

Selection of 8 shades in total

Smooth and do not tug or pull, creamy texture

Pigmented and long lasting

Light reflecting sheen – no chunky glitter!

5/5 from me!


I first learnt about INIKA after getting one of their liners in a Beauty box – I forget which one it was, it could have been Glossybox or Carmine…but that is when  my love affair with them started :-)

Aside from being natural and free from nasty ingredients, the INIKA products I have tried have actually been really good too – they are pigmented and they perform very well!

Since getting one eye liner in a box, I have gone on to buy some more of these beauties!

Here are the ones I have:

 Peacock Blue

all that slap
Peacock Blue (Double click to enlarge)

Green Lagoon

all that slap
Green Lagoon (Double click to enlarge)


all that slap
Graphite (Double click to enlarge)

These have a great texture, they don’t cause you to tug on your lid, and they are quite creamy as far as pencils go!

A tip I learnt from the INIKA make up artist once is that you can apply these all over the lid like shadow, and then apply eye shadow over the top – resulting in more vivid shadow on a great base!

These have really good pigmentation and they are long lasting. They do not smudge on me or fade too badly. Over primer on my oily lids they last the whole day – about 12 hours. On my waterline, they last well too – I can get about 8 hours wear out of these.

I am really happy about the way these perform – they are just as good as MAC and Urban Decay but they are also natural! Awesome if you ask me!

These are not glittery, but they do have a lovely light reflecting sheen to them – they are gorgeous. I have added swatches at two different angles to try and show you the light reflecting sheen – the pictures do not do these beauties justice! They are gorgeous!

all that slap
Swatches (Double click to enlarge)


all that slap
Swatches at an angle (Double click to enlarge)

Now the shade selection is good – there are 8 of these available, but I do wish there were more available!  Maybe we will get more shades in the future?! I hope so!

I like that the bottom of the liner shows the shade, so you can store them upside down and grab the one you need-  for someone like me who has about 40 pencil liners this is a big plus!

all that slap
(Double click to enlarge)

One of the liners I have has a sharpener in the lid, I think this is the new packaging and I think this is awesome! What a great idea – I wish all my liners had this!

all that slap
Sharpener in Lid (Double click to enlarge)

I can’t really think of any faults to these, my only wish is that were more widely available at more John Lewis branches and other stores. You can order online but I don’t like to do that with make up…I prefer to see it in a store.  I hope in time they will be in more stores.

For now, if you are in London, head to the John Lewis on Oxford St and check out the whole range! Visit the website here

I have dabbled in “natural” makeup before and been put off since it wasnt pigmented and didnt perform well, but INIKA have changed my view of natural makeup. If you care about what you put on your skin and the harm some chemicals are doing I highly suggest you check INIKA out – even if you have tried natural makeup before and been disappointed – INIKA is different!

Here are the ingredients of the liners:

all that slap
The Ingredients (Double click to enlarge)

Next up, I am trying out their blushes and I can’t wait – watch out for a review of those on the blog soon!

Have you tried any INIKA or other natural brands? What do you think? Is using natural important to you? Get in touch and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading, Grace xx

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  • Graphite looks nice, I can imagine replace the black eyeliner of mine to give the eyes a softer look. BUY! :) xx


    August 6, 2012

  • You should buy it Kelly, its gorgeous, natural and great quality! Thanks Grace x


    August 6, 2012

  • I have never heard of this brand but these liners look great- I am going to check them out next time I am on Oxford Street – the price is good too, not too expensive.


    August 11, 2012

  • [...] few weeks back I reviewed the gorgeous eye liners from INIKA and now today I am reviewing on of their beautiful blushes – Peachy [...]

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