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Lash Extender – For Dramatic Lashes!

all that slap

I am a massive fan of dramatic lashes. I like a few coats of mascara and length as well as volume are what I look for. On the other hand I don’t use false lashes – I am rubbish at applying them and its just a no go area for me…!

So when I received this Lash Extender I was intriuged and excited to try it.

all that slap
The box (Double click to enlarge)


Costs £19.99 for this and an eye liner

Available online from Bid TV

Made of Rayon fibers (7.8g)

Apply on top of your mascara

Adds volume and length for dramatic lashes


all that slap
The Lash Extender (Double click to enlarge)


This is not a conventional mascara – its dry and contains fibres made of Rayon that grab on to your lashes.

You need to use this WITH your regular mascara by applying a layer of mascara and before it dries, applying some of this Lash Extender, then you apply more mascara to seal in the Lash Extender.

all that slap
The Brush (Double click to enlarge)

It works like a charm! I had reservations that it would clump but actually it doesn’t – the effect is a lot of volume and some additional length, which is ideal for me. My lashes are already quite long thanks to RapidLash and Careprost but being hungry for more volume I love this stuff!

In the pic below, you will see that one eye has a more volume and length and then the other eye just has two coats of Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara – the difference is pretty good, isn’t it?! all that slap
My lashes – one eye with the Lash Extender (Double click to enlarge)

Now, you have to be careful – as they are tiny fibres they can get in your eye if you are not careful – don’t tip your head back when applying this. Also you might find you get some little fibres on your cheeks (fallout) – but you get a tiny brush with the Lash Extender which you can use to clean up. I don’t use it to be honest, I prefer using a fan brush as its softer.

all that slap
The Fibers – no I don’t have a hairy hand! (Double click to enlarge)

Now this might not be something you use everyday but if you want a bit of oomph you could end up loving this stuff! I like that is dry and so will have a longer shelf life than a mascara.

all that slap
The back of the Lash Extender (Double click to enlarge)

The price is somewhat high but if you buy false lashes regularly and dispose of them quickly this could be a money saver in the long run.

You can buy this and other great products at Bid

I am giving this 5/5

Thanks for reading, Grace xx

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P.S this post contained a PR sample, but as always my reviews are honest and my opinions are my own! Promise!


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  • lmao when I scrolled down and saw the fibres on your hand I thought omg – no way then saw the caption :)

    This looks like an amazing product – really does. Love how it omphed your lashes – oo la la.

    LaaLaa Monroe

    August 2, 2012

  • You crack me up – yes thankfully I dont have hairy hands….everything else is pretty hairy though! :-)


    August 2, 2012

  • OMG – this looks really really good! I need some of this in my life! I hate falsh lashes so this seems perfect – thanks for telling me about this!


    August 11, 2012

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