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Nip + Fab Stiletto Fix Leg & Foot Balm

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This stuff is a God send on hot or long tiring days (or nights!)….Its one of those things that is not an “essential” but once you have it, you dont want to be without it!

This contains Peppermint so  you get a lovely refreshing scent and a cooling effect when you use it. Its delightful!

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Lovely! (Double click to enlarge)


Sold in Boots and ASOS in the UK and online

Its £9.95 for 75ml

Contains cooling Peppermint for a delightful effect

Moisturising – great for a pamper session!

Smell amazing and refreshing!



allthatslap all that slap blog
The back of the tube (Double click to enlarge)

This is what Nip + Fab have to say about it:

“Revive tired feet + legs with the latest addition to the Nip+Fab range, Stiletto Fix.

This cooling, soothing balm is packed with ingredients to cushion, cool + protect fatigued feet.

A power-packed formula, this ultra reviving feet treat will refresh + revive weary legs while instantly soothing to leave you feeling pampered to perfection”

Stiletto Fix contains;

  • allantoin soothes + protects
  • peppermint cools + refreshes
  • glycerin moisturises + revive
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The Packaging (Double click to enlarge)


I love using this, its fabulous to put on once you get in from a long day, you are tired and your feet are aching. I love to have a quick shower (so me and my feet are clean!) and then I slather this one!

It instantly makes my feet feel better and less achy. I use it on my legs sometimes but mostly just on my feet. Although its a cream, it sinks in applies very much like a gel, its great to use!

allthatslap all that slap blog
The Cream (Double click to enlarge)

The scent is gorgeous – it smells of peppermint, and the peppermint helps to give a cooling effect to my feet. Its one of the best boot creams I have ever used!

Not only does it help cool down and revive feet but it also mosturises well. Its like a 2 in 1 product love it!

The ingredients are here:

allthatslap all that slap blog
The Ingredients (Double click to enlarge)

I am not overly keen that it contains Phenoxyethanol, this is a preservative, often used instead of parabens but it is rumoured to cause problems with the nervous system. Its banned in Japan. I am not keen on parabens but I am also not keen to use something that contains this Phenoxyethanol stuff either. Having said that, until there is significant evidence that this is not safe, I am okay with using it. I just wanted to point out that it is in the product (and its also in a lot of other products too!)

Pricewise I think this is  okay but for almost £10 it would have been nice to get more product, I don’t think its the best value for money, but nor is it outrageous.

Would I recommend and buy this – sure I would, I really like it, especially for the cooling effect!

I knocked a point off for the price, so its 4.5/5

Thanks for reading, Grace xx

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P.S this post contained a PR sample, but as always my reviews are honest and my opinions are my own! Promise!

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  • I think i might give this a try, I have a Boots voucher so I dont mind if i end up not liking this but it sounds great, esp for summer. I will let you know how I get on with it. Thanks :-) I love a pamper treatment!


    August 12, 2012

  • I have this and its SO lovely!! Its a really nice treat for your feet once you have had a long day – I love using it after work, i get home, have a shower and then slather this on my feet – its lovely and worth the money if you ask me! Thanks for letting others know about this lovely cream xx


    August 21, 2012

  • Thanks for your comment Shadi – it is a lovely treat for your feet isn’t it?! :-) xx


    August 22, 2012

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