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Avon: True Colour Technology Makeup – New Products!


Avon have some fab makeup coming out in August.  The new products comprise of 17 new eye palettes and 60 lip colours so there is plenty to choose from! After being treated to a lovely event recently, us bloggers were given some items from the new collection to take home and play with – here are some of them!

True Colour Technology is the result of lots of hard work and effort from Avon into developing bold, rich colours in their eye and lip products, which are also long lasting. Avon have worked hard on having translucent bases to that the pigments in each and every product really stand out.

First up are the lip products. As you can see there are new lipsticks, jumbo chubby sticks, glosses and liners.

Here are the lip products I have been testing out:

Double click to enlarge

Ultra Colour Lip Crayons – £7.50

Ultra Colour Lip Crayons

These contain micro shimmer (which you cant really see from the swatches) and apply well – they are also quite creamy. They contain vitamin E and shea butter, helping them to glide onto the skin and feel comfortable on the lips, for a while but then they kind of dried out my lips. I also didn’t like the fact that the colour faded and left flecks of silver glitter on my lips. If they didnt contain glitter I think they would be more appealing.

Ultra Colour Lip Crayons

Finally, these seemed to break me out around my lips (just like the Revlon ones did!) – these are clearly not for me, which is shame, I was so excited about trying these and I thought I would love them! The shades are lovely though.

These are available in 6 shades.

Ultra Colour Lipstick – £7.50

The lipsticks contain vitamin E, Artic Berry Oil, Omega 3 and have SPF15 in them – pretty cool if you ask me. They also contain shea butter, like the Lip Crayons.

Ultra Colour Lipsticks

I really like these – they are my favourite of all these lip products from Avon. They are pretty well pigmented and creamy. They apply well, last for a really long time and do not dry out my lips! I am a big fan. I will be picking up some of these in more colours once they are released :-)

Here are swatches of a couple of them so you can see how pigmented they are:

Ultra Colour Lipsticks

These are available in 30 shades, so there is truly something for everyone!

Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss – £6.50

Again these contain shea butter, Artic Berry Oil, Vitamin E and Omega 3. They also, like the lipsticks contain SPF15. These, though glossy, are quite creamy too and they glide on nicely, I only find them to be a little bit sticky – nothing thats a deal breaker for me.

Ultra Glaze Wear Glosses

They are available in 18 shades!

Glimmerstick Lip Liner – £6

What is cool about these is that they are waterproof! I love the fact that they do not need sharpening and they feel nice on the lips. A must have if you go for a bold lip and want extended wear.

They have medium pigmentation and they apply really well, they also do not need sharpening which I think is an added bonus!

True Red and Pink Bouquet

These are available in 6 shades.

For me, the stand out products for the lips are the lipsticks, that is without a doubt. The liners are also really nice. I do feel let down by the crayons but I guess they were never going to be for everyone.

True Colour Eye Shadow Quads – £9

These quads are really rather lovely. They come in  a great, solid compact with a decent sized mirror in the lid and they are quite well pigmented. The shadows are smooth and easy to blend. With primer they wear very well and I am impressed.

Double click to enlarge

The quads come in 9 shades – something to suit pretty much all skintones and eye colours. They have really nice pigmentation and apply well. With primer you get excellent all day wear from these – they really do compete with high end shadows in my opinion.

I am impressed! The packaging gives the feel of a high quality product and I think these make really nice gifts.

Stone Taupes

True Colour Eye Shadow Duos – £6

These are the same quality as the quads – they are silky and have a nice formula. They too have a mirror in the lid of the compact, which is handy.

Warm Cashmere & Crushed Orchid

These come in 6 shades – my favourite is Warm Cashmere.

True Colour 8-1 Eye Shadow Palette – £12

The Nudes
Swatches of 8 in 1

This little palette hold a special place in my heart! I love how dinky it is and all of the colours are so lovely and wearable, In my opinion everyone should have a neutrals palette and this one fab as its so good for taking away on holiday or short breaks. We all know and love the Urban Decay Naked palette but its big and doesn’t travel well, so i think this has the edge.

Its also very affordable and has a good mix of matte and shimmer shades. The colours have pretty good pigmentation and wear very well with primer. I have been wearing this palette almost daily since getting it – I love it.

See how dinky it is?!

Absolutely love this palette! Hands down, my favourite item from the collection, followed closely but the lipsticks! All in all, I like the new collection of products from Avon, they are pigmented and the formulas are nice and what is great is that they are very affordable. Also, lets not forget – if you try something you don’t like, Avon have a very good returns policy  (90 days!) so its not money down the drain if anything doesn’t float your boat!

So there you have it – the new items which will be released on August 22nd. In the meantime, check out what is currently available on AvonShop.

Do you think you will try any of the products? What catches your eye? Is there anything else from Avon you recommend I try? Please let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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P.S – this post contains PR samples, however my reviews are always honest and my thoughts are my own :-) You can trust me on that, but you cant trust me not to steal your blusher if I like it!



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  • Shame they broke you out as they were pretty and the blue green quad is a stunner, love Avon makeup and its liners.
    May pass on the glosses
    Love the review grace x


    July 29, 2013

  • All the shadows are lovely if you ask me. I like them a lot. And the new lippies are nice, I will be trying more Avon in the future – not tried the liners but I will soon! xx


    July 29, 2013

  • I’m not a fan of Avon make-up, last time I tried some a few years back, I broke out in spots right across my face… Scary! This collection does look fab though and that palette is so dinky xx



    July 29, 2013

  • Oh that doesnt sound good at all! I have not tried any of their face products like blusher or foundation but I will proceed with caution now! I hope you dont have anymore bad experiences! xx


    July 29, 2013

  • Ultraglaze wear I have one of those lip glosses, it’s my ‘nude go to’, looks like a great collection xo

    LaaLaa Monroe

    July 29, 2013

  • It is a lovely collection (apart from the lip crayons – LOL) – the glosses are nice too but the lippies are awesome, check them out. So many shades to choose from! xx


    July 29, 2013

  • I hate it when a lipstick rubs off and leaves glitter behind! no thank you!
    I do like the look of the swatched lipsticks though. I recently tried some of their skin care products and was actually quite impressed so wouldn’t mind trying out some of their make up too x


    July 29, 2013

  • I know – the lip crayons were a dud for me unfortunately.

    I have not tried any Avon skincare in a really long time but I might try some soon!

    Thanks Kim xx


    July 29, 2013

  • Ooooh some of those lip products look beautiful and that neutrals palette is such a good dinky size :)


    July 30, 2013

  • Please write the names of the red lip gloss and red/coral bright lipstick. Thank you.


    August 5, 2013

  • Very pretty shades and the lip crayons look so good!


    September 7, 2013

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