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L’Oreal L’Or Electric Collection Nail Polishes

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to an event by L’oreal for their new L’Or Electric Collection which is launching here in the UK in the middle of May. L’Oreal launched this collection to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, which L’Oreal have sponsored for years!

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The collection comprises of 3 nail polishes, 3 lipsticks and 2 eye shadows. I have already reviewed the eye shadows here, and then I reviewed  the lipsticks which are here, and finally now we have the final part of the collection  – the three gorgeous nail polishes!


Limited Edition

Three shades of Colour Riche Nail Polishes.

£4.99 each for 5ml.

Gorgeous shimmery shades, each have gold flecks of shimmer!

Great brush makes application easy and quick!

No need for a top coat and special gel technology means you dont need a base coat either!

Released 16th May.


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These polishes are gorgeous, the three shades are called Mythic Carpet (also known as Chromatic Violet)- a lovely pink shade, Mystic Blue (also knowns as Electic Blue), which is a beautiful deep blue/purple and then there is Magic Croisette (also known as Oceanic Blue) which is a pretty sea green/blue.

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My favourite is probably the Mystic Blue, its a very unique colour that I think will look on stunning on toes or fingers and I am in love with it! The other two shades are keepers for me too, but in particular I am drawn to the Mystic Blue!

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I really like the brush on these polishes (it has 3 patents!)  its quite wide allowing for less strokes of the brush, resulting in a less streaky finish – however it is very precise. The brush means its easy to paint your nails with one stroke and get to the corners of your nail without making a mess of the colour.

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The consistency of the polish is good, it isnt too runny or too thick, and the colour of the polishes are pretty opaque. In the pic below, i have only applied one coat, which I think is sufficient.

These polishes dont need a base coat – a great time saver as they use some kind of liquid gel technology, you can also skip a top coat, so its one easy step with this polish! YAY!

I will update my review in due course as to the wear of these, as I have not had them on for long..but I hope they last a good few days before chipping or peeling!

All in all, I really like these for the ease of application and the gorgeous colours…

For now these are 5/5

Please let me know what you think of these beauties – will you be snapping them up when the collection is released? Drop me a line and let me know!


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