Sleek MakeUp: Lip VIP Lipsticks and New Eye Shadow Palettes

Sleek MakeUp is one of my favourite high street makeup brands and have long offered very affordable products that have really delivered. Today I’m sharing my thoughts on their latest releases, including the new Semi Matt Lipsticks which are already out as well as two new eye shadow palettes which will be released very soon.

The LIP VIP Lipsticks come in 6 shades and are available in store now for only £5.50. They come in a range of shades and the formula includes Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to provide moisture and nourishment to the lips. I love the concept of a semi matt lipstick as it’s a great half way point between other lipstick finishes out there.

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The plus sides of these lipsticks is that they are quite well pigmented, and do not drag across the lip as you apply them. The finish is an absolutely perfect cross between a lipstick with a sheen and a fully matt lipstick. The wear of this is pretty decent, and it doesn’t fade too unevenly like some lipsticks do. Also importantly, unlike some matt lipsticks, these do not dry out your lips.

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So overall, loads of pluses and things to like but my one bug bear about these is that the colour tends to settle into the fine lines of my lips which I am not keen on. It isn’t noticeable when its first applied but it shows after a little time wearing them. I gave one of these lipsticks to two friends to see if they too had this issue – one of them didn’t experience this at all, but my other friend felt the same as me, so make of that what you will.

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To round up, the formula and overall wear of these is great, at a fantastic price point, however for me they have that one downside explained above. I still think these are a good buy and certainly worth trying. I have been told more shades of these are going to be released in the summer so if they current shade selection doesn’t float your boat, wait and see the new colours coming in the next few months!

In addition to these brand new lipsticks, Sleek will soon release these two new Eye Shadow palettes – they are called A New Day and All Night Long. Both contain a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows and provide the perfect range of neutral shades.

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Years ago I was a huge fan of these i-divine palettes but I have to say, while the formula is ok now, they were better before. It seems to me that the new formulation leaves these shadows a little chalky and hard to blend. Still, they offer fairly decent value at only £7.99 a palette. These will be on sale sometime on the 10th of February.

You can buy Sleek online, in Superdrug and some Boots stores.

What do you think of these new goodies from Sleek? Have you ever tried anything from Sleek? Drop me a line and let me know!

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