Cleansing Balms from Temple Spa and Merumaya

I am a huge fan of cleansing balms in the evenings, to get rid of all of my makeup and the grime that had accumulated throughout the day. They are so pleasant to use and kind nourishing to the skin. Today I am reviewing two cleansing balms, one from Temple Spa and one from Merumaya. Here are my thoughts on these…..

Temple Spa – In the Beginning  £28 for 60g

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Temple Spa call this a “hand-blended facial in a jar” and I think that description is right on the money! This is a luxurious and high quality product that not only pampers the skin but also leaves it super clean and fresh. This is a very concentrated cleansing balm that can be used as a cleanser (what a surprise!) but also it can be applied and left on the skin as a facial. It is made up of a concoction of botanical extracts and natural oils, which are effective but also gentle and nourishing on the skin. The scent of this is not overpowering or particularly strong, its lightly floral.

This is applied to dry skin and massaged in, I then wet my hands and work it further into the skin where it emulsifies and does an amazing job of cleansing the skin whilst also making it feel like I am having a nice facial. To remove the cleanser you simply use a muslin cloth or flannel and voila – you are left with blissfully, happy, pampered CLEAN skin! This is easy to remove with the hot cloth and leaves my skin feeling beautifully nourished and not the slightest bit dry or taunt. Oh and finally – you literally only need the tiniest bit so a little of this goes an incredibly long way. I have actually just ran out – but I used it nightly for over 3 months so it really is good value for money.

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm£16.50 for 100ml

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Another nice cleansing balm to try is from Merumaya. This is the first product I have ever used from this brand, but I had heard so many good things about it. Like the Temple Spa, this is applied to dry skin and then massaged into the skin with wet hands and removed with a muslin cloth or flannel. The contains a blend of sweet almond oil and echium oil which contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 to pamper and nourish the skin as well as deliver great cleansing. This is lighter in consistency to the Temple Spa cleanser and its easy to work into the skin for effective cleansing. I did find the smell was quite strong when I first started using it but I quickly got used to it and its not a deal breaker for me. This leaves your skin, soft and supple but I did find that I needed to put a bit of effort in to ensure that it was all removed so it takes a bit more work than the Temple Spa cleanser.

The quality of the product means its fantastic value at only £16.50 and I would happily continue to use this once it runs out.

If you are happy to splurge and want the ultimate in pampering experiences, out of these two go for the Temple Spa cleanser but if you are on more of a budget then the Merumaya cleanser offers great cleansing at a good price and your skin will love both of these – I am confident of that!

Have you tried either of these? Have you tried other products from either Temple Spa or Merumaya? Drop me a line and let me know!

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