Blogger Tips

If you are thinking of starting a blog or are new to blogging you might find some of the tips below helpful. I know when I started blogging I found it hard to get going and find good advice and help, so I do hope this is useful!

1) Join Twitter and use it to interact and meet other bloggers, twitter is probably the single biggest thing that has helped my blog to grow and for me “meet” other bloggers, I didnt use it for so long – dont make the same mistake as me!

2) Join the twitter blogger chats using the hashtag #bbloggers – there are chats on a Wednesday and Sunday evening (8pm UK time) – you can get good tips and info and also swap links at the end of the chat

3) There are blogger groups you can follow on twitter such as @BbloggersUnite,  @fashbeautylife, @Bloggersbunch – these are great for chatting, getting your blog noticed by other bloggers, getting advice and just general community help!

4) You can follow brands and PRs on twitter and tweet them your posts to bing them to their attention, also some PRs ask for bloggers via twitter in respect of getting involved with different projects. I have done a few this way 🙂

5) Participate in blog hops on other peoples blogs, this is great for your blog but you will also find other blogs to follow

6) Facebook has some blogger groups too such as Fashion Beauty Life  and BBloggers Worldwide

7) If you are pressed for time, why not draft posts in the form of emails to yourself on your phone during your journey to and from work/school? I do this a lot on my blackberry and it certainly helps me to save time!

8) Comment on other bloggers’ posts – dont just leave your link without a meaningful comment, that is not only a but rude but also frowned up and you will get no where fast!  Also dont say “I have followed you, can you please follow me”  – that is a sure turnoff! Leave a comment that shows you have taken interest in the post and then leave your link, it might entice the blogger to check out your blog!

10) Blog about what you have already – I think new bloggers feel pressured to go and buy the latest beauty products and blog about them but I dont think you need to worry about always buying the latest stuff – as a lover of beauty you must have lots of products already so start by blogging about what you have – no need to spend lots on new items!

11) Whilst a good camera is important, it doesn’t have to be the latest, super expensive Canon. If your camera or phone takes decent photos then stick with that – no need to spend tonnes on a new camera right away. Nice clear photos are important though!

12) Use editing sites like Be Funky  to edit your pics, you can crop them, play with the contrast etc and watermark them all for free and they are easy to use!

13) If you need help with something technical then google it – google really is a great help! If you still have problems try tweeting it and someone might be able to help, you are not alone!

14) Install Google Analytics on your blog – WordPress and Blogger have a “stats” section but I have been told its quite often not accurate and the best and most reliable is Google Analytics. Sometimes PRs and brands will want to know your stats and so having them to hand using this is really good. Its also really good for you to see where your traffic is coming from, what posts are popular and  things like that. A blogger friend of mine, Georgina  has done a great post on how to install and use it here on her blog!

15) Review your post and really think about it from the readers point of view – does it tell you what you would have wanted to know? Is there any info missing like where to buy it from or how much it is? Sometimes we can all get carried away and write away without thinking about the simple stuff!

I hope these tips are helpful, you can always email me too if you have any questions or need some pointers!

Thanks for reading!

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