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Overview: Sleek Blushes…some of the BEST drugstore blushes you can buy, see pics with swatches and comparisons to Nars blushes!!

As you know, I love Sleek Make-up – its good quality, at a very affordable price and thier blushes are some of my favourite products from Sleek! Double Click on any of the pics to enlarge!! I have quite a few of the blushes, and below you will see swatches of these and some comparisons…

Shimmerbricks from left to right: Famous "Medium", Famous in " Rose Glow", Bobbi Brown "Rose"; Famous " Golden Rose"

Battle of the Shimmerbricks…who will win? Bobbi Brown or Famous?!

The Shimmerbricks (SB) made by Bobbi Brown are a best seller and have won awards, and are very well known. They come in different shades and are multi-use. You can use them as a blush or highlighter, bronzer, eye shadows or even mix them with lip colours! The Bobbi Brown ones are £31 and contain…

Fake mac palette shadows

Cut Price “MAC” Make up Lesson at the “London Makeup School”…..discover the ugly truth behind this KGB deal

I found a super exciting and seemingly good value offer to do a half day make up lesson in association with the “London Makeup School”. *PLEASE note that despite the name of this “school” it has nothing to do with the REAL London Makeup School located in Shoreditch, who are a reputable organisation! I found…

Illamasqua Ambition Blush

Review: Illamasqua– “Ambition” Blush – Limited Edition from the Theatre of the Nameless Collection, Autumn 2011

Summary: Great pigmentation, easy to blend and lasts all day! Limited Edition –and it’s a pretty but not all that common shade Should suit a variety of complexions Brilliant value considering you only need a touch of this Don’t let the shimmer put you off – its not OTT or disco-nation once its applied –…

Nanoblur – 10 Years Younger in 40 Seconds…lets see about that!!

Nanoblur Optical Skin Cream by Indeed Labs What this cream promises: Skin that looks 10 years younger in 40 seconds! Diminishes lines, wrinkles, large pores etc Makes skin appear completely flawless Helps with oiliness From the Indeed Labs Website: IN ONE WORD… MAGIC! Nanoblur is not skincare. It is quite simply tomorrow’s high technology, today….