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Argan Oil


This is one of the most fantastic, but mostly unknown products in the skin care world! Argan oil comes from the Argan tree, native to Morocco, where for thousands of years its been used by the ladies there as a skin treatment. Its only now, that the West has cottoned on to this brilliant oil and I now see it incorporated into some mainstream hair and skin products. Brands like Josie Moran and Moroccan oil have incorporated Argan oil into their products for some time, but more recently I have seen it in some shower gels and shampoos from high street brands like Nivea and V05. The New York Times and The Telegraph have both called this stuff “liquid gold” and now after using it I can see why….

This is a fantastic facial moisturizer for sensitive, eczema and acne prone skin – as well as of course for normal skin too!  After battling for years with acne, at 29, I finally have it somewhat under control, and Argan oil is definitely done wonders for the overall condition of my skin.

It is not too heavy, lighter than olive oil, jojoba and sweet almond oil and it absorbs really easily into the skin.

I use it in the following way – At night, once I have washed my face and toned, I splash my face with a little bit of cold water first and then pour a few drops of the oil into the palm of my hand and then rub my hands together. I then massage my hands gently over my face and neck, until I have applied all of the oil. I find that by splashing my face with water first the oil sinks in more easily than if applied to a dry face. My skin feels so so so soft once I have applied this,  I have to fight the urge to keep touching my face because of this!

If you have oily or combo skin, this may be a good method of applying the oil. It worked well for me before, when I used Jojoba oil (before discovering Argan).
The oil works on acne or oily skin by regulating the amount of sebum in the skin, it also prevents redness and inflammation. It also has high levels of vitamin E in it and Its also good for protecting the skin from damage done by the sun, helping to slow down aging of the skin and so many other great benefits, its literally amazing!!!
It calms my skin no end and within in a few weeks of use my complexion is clearer and people have commented that my skin is better. If I have a spot that is inflamed and red, once I have used the argan oil I find, in the morning the spot is less red and usually a lot less raised/ inflamed than it was, and it seems to aid the healing process in general. I also think that over time this oil has helped me to be less oily (and therefore less shiny) and it has changed the appearance of my (large) pores! What I love is that this is natural, have no smell (not to me anyway), and doesn’t cost the earth (I do think the Josie Maran one is very overpriced!).

I have also added it to my hair conditioner and its really calmed down my frizzy hair, it makes it sleek and shiny without weighing it down. I also feel like I get less split ends since using this oil. I added about 20 drops to my 200ml bottle of regular conditioner.

It works for the hair by:

  • Moisturizes the hair by locking in moisture and is non-greasy
  • Penetrates the hair shaft improving the elasticity and preventing breakage
  • Contains vitamin E which is great for a healthy scalp and repairing damaged hair
  • Contains unsaturated fats omega 3 and omega 9 which helps prevent split ends by strengthening the protein bonding structures of the hair
  • Prevents dry, itchy scalp
  • It can be used as a hot oil treatment or as a leave-in/sealer


I have also used it as nail cuticle treatment and its really good and sinks in easily. I will continue to use it in my hair and nails but my favourite and most effective use for it is definitely for my face. I can’t see myself ever not using this, I really like it, much more than jojoba or sweet almond oil which I had previously used.

I will most definitely continue to use this and I recommend it for so many people, doesn’t matter what your skin type is like. My friend has very dry skin and I told her to try it and now she is hooked and says it has cleared her eczema no end and she is really happy – she told a couple of her friends and they love it too!

I usually buy mine from Ebay from a seller with very good feedback, and its about £8-10 for 100ml. At bottle of this lasts a long time, so its really good value for money. I only use it at night, since I want a moisturizer with SPF in it for the day time, however I don’t see why you cant use it during the day if you wish to do.

Please give it a try, if you want a natural and effective moisturizer that will improve the condition of your skin and is kind to your wallet too!

Some information about Argan Oil:

The argan tree (Argania spinosa) dates back millions of years to the Tertiary period. It once covered north Africa and parts of southern Europe but now only 860,000 hectares remain (in Morocco) and these are declining rapidly. So in 1999 the argan was protected as a Unesco Biosphere Heritage plant – which is great because we really don’t want to lose this fantastic plant!


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